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Saturday Night Social: New Years Signs

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I spent the last night of 2021 in bed, asleep. I needed to get up in time to attend a boot camp in the morning. (I missed the fireworks on Pikes Peak but not sure it was even visible. There may have been some clouds; I don't know, I wasn't up but I did wake to snow.) I also spent the last day just doing really nothing. I made a list of things that I wanted to get done but I decided against it. I ended up lounging around, reading, watching "Schitt's Creek" and other Netflix offerings, and thinking about what I want to do for the next year.

It seems that the current status of the world is to be "anti-resolutions." I am not in that mental state. I like making resolutions to just give up on them in like twenty-four hours or two months. (It all depends on what the resolution was.) I am not being sarcastic or facetious. I really like making resolutions but they never really stick. Maybe this time it will be different.

I think this year will be a bit different, which is something I tell myself EVERY New Years. And unfortunately it never really is different. HOWEVER, in this moment in my life, I think I am a bit more optimistic for this year for changes. I made the decision on my forty-second birthday this past September to make things different. According to Douglas Adams in his book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," the answer to life is forty-two. It's serendipitous that I want to do things differently with my life as I turned forty-two. It's a sign and I believe in signs that the universe puts out.

I never liked to tell people that I believe in signs and manifestation and all that wishy-washy stuff. I believed in science and facts. "Just the facts, ma'am," to quote the guy from Dragnet. (Fun fact...the guy from Dragnet never said that line. He said something similar to "All we want are the facts, ma'am." Funny how this truncated version of the quote now belongs to him.) I showed myself to be a person who was logical and empirical. I thought this is what the world wanted me to be.

Well, I will make my full confession about hippie-dippie things. (This is part of my New Year resolution- the changes or resolutions that I am making. I want to be open and honest about who I am. I think being a better version of myself means that I show people all facets of me. I am no longer going to censure myself to accommodate the room.) I like mystical things. I like tarot and aura readings. I also believe that universe puts out signs that we can chose to acknowledge or ignore. I like reading my horoscope. Do I always believe them? No, but I like reading them. I usually just take what I want from them and adapt them into my current mindset. Probably not how it should be done but it's my way of doing things. I like these things and I have a plant on my window ledge that's surrounded by "rocks" that are supposed to help me draw in certain energies. But in typical fashion, I forgot what rocks I have so I don't know what I'm drawing in. Hopefully it's the good stuff.

Another sign for change: there seems to be a mass exodus of people leaving their jobs to pursue other things. The articles read say that we are in the time of "The Great Resignation." Well, that's a sign for me and I am going to join the crowd. I decided to not go back to a corporate forty-plus hour a week job. Am I going to miss the money? Yes, but is it really worth the pay to hate the time I spend there. AND it's not only the time I spend there, I spent a lot of time trying to hype myself up to go to work. My time is worth more than that paycheck. I figured out a way to be able to pursue what I want and still pay my bills. (I think that will be another entry at a later date. There's a lot that went into this decision and it means making some serious life changes.)

One last sign for change: my body occasionally "screams" at me for not loving and taking care of it. This year, I am going to take the time to nourish and attend to my physical body. For many years, my upper back got sore when I walk long distances and hike with a backpack. I decided to say something to a medical professional and now I attend physical therapy for it. I also made an appointment to get my eyeballs checked something I have not done in years. I noticed that I squint when I read my texts and I will be damned if I make the font size bigger. (In my eyes, pun intended, making your phone font size bigger is truly a sign of getting old. I would rather wear glasses.) This change also includes actually prioritizing the time for working out. I need to make exercise a priority because this will help me achieve a holistic well-being. Exercise will help me manage my ADD and depression which is something that I need to do this year.

So with the advent of a new calendar year, I will continue to make the most of being forty-two. Change is hard but sometimes it is needed.

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