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My Art, My Way

My version of a Hamsa with Filipino influence

I don’t think that I will ever be “good” visual artist. I don’t think I will take lessons on how to draw better or paint with better technique. I like what I like and just do whatever I want when it comes to visual art. I do watch some YouTube videos to learn some pointers. I also read articles about how to use things but other than that I do nothing else with art lessons.

I usually go on Pinterest to find ideas for art. I try to copy what I see and then I try to do something else with it. I like looking at line drawings of flowers and faces. I don't think I will be ever to draw realistic faces and flowers. I don't want to take the time to do that. I enjoy abstract drawings and that's the type of art I want to make.

A copycat piece from Pinterest but I added watercolors to it.

I was never interested in painting and visual art. I complained that I never had time to write and I wanted to focus on writing but I was never writing. I read an article about incorporating visual art into one's writing practice. By doing visual art, one uses different parts of the mind or something like that. I think that's what the article said. I just remember the "moral" of the article, practicing visual art forms helps with writing.

I don't do visual art much but when I do it becomes a hyper-fixation. I spend more time than I allotted for and I find myself in the zone. Then when I finish the project, I realize that time has got away from me. It's not a bad thing but I have other things that I have to do. I think maybe I just need to set aside a time to practice visual art. Like just give fifteen minutes to the art and stop when the time ends, no matter where I am at in the project. I can just save it for the next day.

I created a morning routine that I follow on most days. I do my morning pages, journal, and Stoic readings. I could possibly add visual art into my morning routine. Right now this routine doesn't take too much out of my day so maybe incorporating fifteen minutes or so (but no more than twenty or I may lose the day to the project) of visual art wouldn't be too bad. .

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