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Inside Confession booth. Photo from Wix

Bless me y'all for I have sinned....nah, I don't think I've sinned but I do have a confession to make. It shames me to say but I like to watch reality TV shows. My friends all dig Korean dramas, I dig reality tv.

I like watching "everyday people" reality shows. I don't like watching ones about famous people. You know like the Kardashians and The Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. I know their fame came through reality TV but I think they're so much bigger than reality TV. They have become like moguls or something. It's hard to explain. Maybe explaining what I do like would be easier.

Okay so I like shows about somewhat average people. I know the people in reality TV shows are using their fame as a way to launch other projects but I like the ones where people are starting off. They are not too well off but they are on their way up.

So...the show that I am really getting into is Love and Hip Hop: New York. I am a big fan of Cardi B. I don't necessarily like her music but I do like her personality. She's funny and she's got some comebacks. I've seen some clips of her time on the show and I was intrigued. The unfortunate thing is that she doesn't join the show until Season 6. AND I couldn't start the series six seasons in. So yes, I started at Season 1.

I am invested. I have cast members that I'm rooting for. I have changed my "alliances" as the seasons go on. I get sad when the cast members I like don't return for the next season. It's kind of pathetic but I don't think it's any different from all the people who are obsessed with Harry Potter and Star Wars.

There I said it. I got it off my chest. Now, I got to get back and see what happens.

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