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Analogue Photography #2

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

On October 9-11, I took a road trip to Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska. I used this trip to play around with film photography. I took quite a few cameras because I had a variety of film. I had black and white 35mm, expired color 35mm, and processed 35mm film called "Psychedelic Blues." The following pictures are done with the Psychedelic Blues film.

This photo was taken at Badlands National Park. That drive was a bit sketchy. This national park is really out in the middle of nowhere. On these trips where I go by myself, I have never worried about gas. This is the first trip where I worried. I felt so isolated and concerned that I would not find a gas station because there were hardly any towns.

Mount Rushmore. A bit surprised to see this many people here during a pandemic and during autumn. I don't like large groups of people. I feel so rushed when I take pictures. I don't want to hear other people's conversations. I want to absorb the site and think about how I want to photograph it but people were there and wanted to take their shots.

Devil's Tower. It's a little underexposed. I wanted this photo to be lighter but I do like how the leaves pop out a little more among the darkness. I wanted a bit more details of Devil's Tower. I was struggling to get this shot because there were people to the right of this shot and they were getting in it. I just wanted this to be a picture of Devil's Tower which is maybe why I didn't really get the exposure correct.

I don't know what this photo is. I know it is a mistake but I can't seem to figure out when and where I took this. Even though it is a mistake, I really like it. It looks out of worldly and I really don't know what that thing in the lower left hand corner is but it looks intriguing.

This is my favorite photo from Carhenge. I like the bird sitting on top of a AMC Gremlin. (There are a lot of birds who make Carhenge their home.) In this photo, I like how the cars in the ground frame the car towers in the back. When I took this photo, I think I was focusing on the bird. The bird was just sitting there, not being concerned with anything, sitting among the bird shit. I'm glad it just sat there, instead of flying away like the other birds.

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