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Analogue Photography #1

I found my 35mm film camera in my closet a few months ago and I noticed that it still had film inside. I have not used this camera in over fifteen years so I wasn't sure what would be on it. I finished up the film in Denver earlier this year. I believe I had about five shots left. I was expecting some of the pictures to be of Hawai'i but there aren't any. There are a few landscape pictures on the roll; I think they are from Colorado but I don't know from where and I'm not really sure if it is from Colorado.

I think this photo was probably the last photo I took with the camera fifteen plus years ago before it ended up in storage. The landscape reminds me of New Mexico but I don't think it is. I really like the left side of the picture. I'm really not sure what happened here.

I like this photo because of the birds flying over the lake. The tone and color palette of the photo is very warm. It's interesting how in this one roll of film I have photos that are warm and cool.

Here's a cool photo and by "cool," I mean tone. But I do think it is a rather cool looking photo. I know this photo was taken no more than twenty years ago but it has the look of real/true vintage. It looks like a photo that my uncle took from back in the day. I've gone through my grandmother's suitcase of photos and there are photos that look very similar to the one above.

This photo was taken some time in the spring or summer of 2020. I'm not sure if it looks this way because of my lack of technique or if it was because of the film. I like this one because of how the light fixtures and the windows pop out of the haze. The details that you can see in the window adds something to the photo because while those details seem sharper and clearer, everything that is closer is faint but recognizable like the box of tissue and the water faucet. I also like the shadows of the person, you can't really see them but they are there.

This is a picture of one of the plants I kept in Denver. (I no longer have them but that is another story for another day.) I know this photo is the way it is because I under exposed the shot...I'm pretty sure I did. I don't know what happened to the lower part of the picture but I think it gives another dimension to the photo.

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