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120mm film

Shawn Ang from Unsplash

Since I was a kid, I have been interested in photography. My parents let me have one of those rectangular cameras that used a film cartridge- I never knew that it used 110mm film. As I have been reading about photography and cameras, I discovered that there are other types of film other than 35mm- 35mm film is smaller and more portable but it does not give a lot of details in picture. In 120mm, there are more details and resolution. The drawback to 120mm film is that you have no more than sixteen shots while 35mm can give you anywhere from twenty-four to thirty-six shots.

I have tried experimenting with 120mm. I have two cameras: Diana F+ and a Koroll by Bencini. I have seen fancier 120mm cameras. When I went to Garden of the Gods a few weeks ago, I saw a guy taking photos with a Pentax 120mm. I asked him about his camera and he said that he loved it. He really enjoyed working with 120mm film. I'm not quite sure how I feel about my 120mm film cameras since they are all pretty much point and shoot. It's hard to tell when I wound my film to right place because I can never find the shot number in the little red viewfinder. I have used about four rolls and these photos are from my first roll taken on my Diana F+.

I don't remember where I took this photo. I do think it was taken at the firing range but I am not sure. Or maybe it was from Devil's Tower by the trading post. The reason why I think it was taken at the firing range because of the silhouettes. But I am not sure. It could be actual people and some fence posts. I'm not sure why this photo is not square like the other ones.

This was taken at the motel I stayed at in Sundance, Wyoming. They had towel swans decorating the room. It was strange. It felt like it was a motel where a horror movie could have taken place. I couldn't help but think of the motel in Aurora where the owner was a peeping tom; he climbed up into a crawl space in the roof and looked through holes in the ceiling. There was photo I tried to take of the window in the bathroom. It was really cool. It was squared shaped and made up of pieces of thick square glass but that did not come out. Now I wish I took it on my digital camera.

Devils tower. I like the way the sculpture and Devils Tower are focused while every thing surrounding those two are blurred.

Taken on a walk in my neighborhood. One of the neighbors has a wonderful flower garden in their front yard and it is always in bloom throughout the spring all the way through the fall. I was trying to focus on the flower that is blurry. I'm not sure what I did but it's possible I got too close and didn't adjust my settings.

Taken on a walk in my neighborhood. I have always loved that there is an "Easy Street" in my neighborhood. I wish I brought the camera down a little more so the sign could be in the middle but I'm not sure if I would have the wires in the photo.

I will say the more I look at these photos, the more I like the product of 120mm film. I like the square shape rather than the rectangle shape of 35mm. I'm fond of the blurriness found in each of the photos. I know in digital photos it can be very crisp and sharp but I think I'm beginning to like the fuzziness of film.

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