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All the Things She Says is an attempt to be a blog where I share my passion for photography and my random musings about all the things. I think I write the way I talk so it may not be the most lyrical but it will honest.

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The End is Near: 2020

I see a lot of social media posts about how 2020 was a shitty a year and how we should ”cancel” the year. It made me pause and ask myself...

Random Poem #2

Sad to know that our time is coming to an end. Tears will fall and the heart will break and the pain will sometimes be unbearable....

The Mood of the Season

With the changing of the seasons, I notice that my mood is affected. I try to keep track of my moods and it is around this time, a few...

Saturday Night Social: Writing

For the next few months I won’t be doing anything too exciting on Saturday night (or really any other night), so I figure I would just...

120mm film

Since I was a kid, I have been interested in photography. My parents let me have one of those rectangular cameras that used a film...

Analogue Photography #2

On October 9-11, I took a road trip to Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska. I used this trip to play around with film photography. I took...

Random Poem #1

That is if you want to call it a poem. It's something inspired from those Instagram poets and Tanya Markul's The She Book and The She...

Analogue Photography #1

I found my 35mm film camera in my closet a few months ago and I noticed that it still had film inside. I have not used this camera in...

False Starts

False starts seem to be the theme of life for the past few years. Maybe the past decade...or two. I always wanted to start a blog to get...

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