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All the Things She Says is an attempt to be a blog where I share my passion for photography and my random musings about all the things. I think I write the way I talk so it may not be the most lyrical but it will honest.

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Analogue Photography #3

Same trip that I took back in October 2020 but with black and white 35mm film. I am a slacker. I have not wrote in this blog for awhile....

Random Poem #2

Sad to know that our time is coming to an end. Tears will fall and the heart will break and the pain will sometimes be unbearable....

120mm film

Since I was a kid, I have been interested in photography. My parents let me have one of those rectangular cameras that used a film...

Analogue Photography #2

On October 9-11, I took a road trip to Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska. I used this trip to play around with film photography. I took...

Analogue Photography #1

I found my 35mm film camera in my closet a few months ago and I noticed that it still had film inside. I have not used this camera in...

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