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All the Things She Says is an attempt to be a blog where I share my passion for photography and my random musings about all the things. I think I write the way I talk so it may not be the most lyrical but it will honest.

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My Art, My Way

I don’t think that I will ever be “good” visual artist. I don’t think I will take lessons on how to draw better or paint with better...

Analogue Photography #5

I went to New Mexico in April and June. The trip in April was to see the Trinity Site. The Trinity Site is where the first nuclear weapon...

Random Life Hack: Hydration

I watched a TikTok video the other day where a girl offered tips on how to drink more water throughout the day. She said that she makes...

Looking Foolish at the Gym

I used to be afraid of going to the gym because I am afraid of looking silly. I worried about not doing the exercises correctly. I used...


Bless me y'all for I have sinned....nah, I don't think I've sinned but I do have a confession to make. It shames me to say but I like to...

The Lure of Research

I get so distracted with so many topics. A lot of topics bring me to the rabbit hole and since I have no self-control, I jump. I imagine...

The Epiphany of a Diagnosis

I went to my appointment with my personal trainer and talked to her about the bootcamp she invited me to that previous Saturday. She runs...

Men Who Stare at Women

I went for a walk in a neighborhood near my house a few weekends ago. It was sunny and warm, surprising for a December in Colorado. This...

Analogue Photography #4

I have had this sitting in my drafts for awhile. I didn't realize that I hadn't done anything with this. I think this my first roll of...

Filipino Tattoo

One day after work, I decided to get on Pinterest and look at some tribal tattoos. Since living in Hawai'i, I have an interest in tribal...

Analogue Photography #3

Same trip that I took back in October 2020 but with black and white 35mm film. I am a slacker. I have not wrote in this blog for awhile....

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